Moscow Ballet Nutcracker Cast List

Below is a cast list and rehearsal details. All rehearsals are at Lawton Ballet Theatre in Studio 2.

Your $60 casting fee is due no later than Sept. 23rd payments can be made as a check to Lawton Ballet Theatre, cash, or card in studio, as we must send a full payment to Moscow Ballet the following day.

Cast List

Party Scene:

Lauren Pever
Kami Brannam
Abigail Sadler
Ellaina Greene
Catherine Roller
Brynn Ruple
Kelsy McIssac
Paige Williams

Snow Maidens:

Amaya Price
Jaelynn Brock
Jaydn Herbert
Neah Tavai
Lyssa Harris
Aubree Lloyd
Esther Johnson
Hannah Livingston

French Variation:

Kylee Puccino
Sara Durbin

Little Russian:

Danikah Harris
Briley Clark

Big Chinese:

Dayna Hrurby
Solei Niusulu

Big Russian:

Laurellai Shreffler
Kami Brannam

Rehearsal Schedule

Wedensday Sept. 17 rehearsals

4-4:30pm Little Russians
4:30-5pm Big Chinese
6-6:45pm Snow maidens
6:45-7:30 French
7:30-9pm Party scene
9-9:30 Big Russian

Thursday Sept. 18th

6-7:30pm full cast run through ALL called
(Parents please stay for rehearsal so that we can release the dancers as soon as we are done)


Please refer to your packet for information on which Fridays your child has rehearsals, we have made some small changes to the times for groups A and B and will also post the schedule on our website.

Group A

4:30-5:15pm Little Russian
5:15-6:00pm French
6:00-6:45pm Snow maidens

Group B

4:30-5:15 Big Chinese
5:15-600pm Party scene
6:00-6:45pm Big Russian

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