Alice in Wonderland Cast List



Abby Brue (Saturday) and Lilee Shreffler (Friday) – Solo and Duets (Pointe)

White Rabbit:

Tom Hudson – Solo and Duet with Alice (Ballet and Tap)

Red Queen:

Cat Jackson – Solo w/corps, possibly additional character pieces (Jazz)

Mad Hatter:

Macklayne Miles – Trio and Very merry unbirthday as soloist (Tap)

Tweedle dee and dum:

Sam Cazares and Catherine Johnson – Duet (Character dance)

March Hare:

Kristen Clevenger – Trio and Duet with Door Mouse (Ballet)

Door Mouse:

Emma Erway – Trio and Duet with March hare (Ballet)

Cheshire Cat:

Maggie Johnson – Solo (Contemporary Ballet)

3 Cards trio:

Chloe Bates, Alex Gill, Catherine Roller (Ballet)


– TBA (ballet)

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