Nutcracker 2017 Cast List

Some roles are double cast noting them as Cast A or B, this week our Nutcracker schedule becomes finalized with the venue, the show will either be the first or 3rd weekend in Dec.

Please email to accept or decline your role by August 25th


Emily Gill (Cast A) Chloe Bates (Cast B)

Columbine Doll Duet

Mia Baker, Camryn Graybeal

Toy Soldier Doll Duet

Abby Gish, Naima Ellis

Sugar Plum Fairy

Heather Martin

Dew Drop Fairy

Katelyn Woods

Snow Queen

Lilee Sheffler

Snow King/Cavalier

Tom Hudson

Snow Prince

Connor Elser

Snow Princess:

Amaya Price (Cast A) Angel Climes (Cast B)

Lead Russian

Catherine Johnson (Cast A) Chloe Patterson (Cast B)


Katelin Bookard, Emily Borden

Candy Canes

Emily Borden, Sue Tyrell, Catherine Johnson

Lead Spanish

Madison Stoll (Cast A), Aubree Lloyd (Cast B)

Spanish Senior

Emily Castro, Jadyn Herbert, Brynn Ruple

Spanish Junior

Kristiona Thornton, Esther Johnson, Gwynn Elser, Layla Sauseda, Sylvia Johnson

Tea from China Senior Quartet

Ellaina Greene, Alexia Wark, Catherine Young, Chloe Patterson

Lead Chinese

Kylee Puccino

Tea from China Junior

KayMarie Crouse, Ameila Winters, Lily Tillman, Julie Martin, Elena Belh