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Lawton Ballet Theatre uses the services of Chris Martin at chrismartin.tv

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Chris Martin

Chris is a Creative Portrait & Landscape Photographer and Filmmaker based in Lawton, OK specializing in serving Southwest Oklahoma and North Texas with photography and video production services.

Chris started with photography in his pre-adolescent years but as with most life stories, he took a divergent path for a few years. The majority of his life has been spent behind a computer screen, learning how things work, but ultimately it prepared him to capture the world around and tell its story through visual media.

He likes to tell stories with a single shot. An overwhelming portion of his photographic experience resides in the world of moving images where telling a story can sometimes be much easier and more fluid. Through his moving photography experience he’s learned to better appreciate still photography more than ever. “It is extremely cathartic for me. It keeps me sane. It stretches me. It energizes me.”

His shooting tastes range from landscape photography to wedding and portrait photography. There’s not much he won’t shoot.

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