Swan Lake Cast List

Your choreographer will contact you within 48 hours to schedule rehearsals.

Odette (white swan):

Samantha Shady 


Ivan Bracher

Odile (black swan):

Katelyn Woods

Von Rothbart:

Ivan Bracher

Swan Quartet:

Amaya Price, Angel Climes, Samantha Shady, Emmalee Hamilton

Queen Mother:

Sue Tyrell

Court Jester:

KayMarie Crouse

Mini lead swan:

Carli Merril

Pas de deux of Swans:

Abby Gish ad Ivan Bracher

Ladies of the court Quartet:

Abby Gish, Naima Ellis, Angel Climes, Emmalee Hamilton

Duet of young swans:

Angel Climes, Amaya Price


What does this role perform? Who is my choreographer?


The dying swan solo and a duet with Von Rothbart Choreographer: Mrs. Katie and Ms Maggie 


A featured role in a court dance Choreographer: Ms. Abby


Solo Choreographer: Mrs. Katie

Swan Quartet:

Danse de petite cygnes Choreographer: Ms. Abby

Queen Mother:

A featured role in the court scene Choreographer: Ms. Abby

Court jester:

A featured role in the court scene Choreographer: Ms. Abby

Mini lead swan:

A featured role in the tier 1 dance. Leads the tier 1 students dance Choreographer: Ms. Maggie

Pas de deux of swans:

A partnering duet Choreographer: Ms. Abby

Ladies of the court quartet:

A quartet during the party scene Choreographer: Ms. Abby

Duet of young swans:

A duet close to the end of our performance of 2 swans Choreographer: Mrs. Katie