Hi LBT Dance Family!

We have some answers to questions that we are sure are on your minds about the COVID-19 outbreak and studio operations.

Firstly, due to the decision of the State of Oklahoma to suspend public school classes, and City of lawton suspending any gatherings of 10 or more people, we must suspend our in person classes and large rehearsals through the beginning of April. We will be moving to online classes, and have opportunities for in person private lessons during that time. We will also be adding at least 2 weeks to the end of our season so that your dancer gets an additional amount of in class time as well at no extra cost. Normally we would finish May 22nd until summer camps, but we will be going until June 5th and we will amend that date as need be.
Rehearsals that will be rescheduled/or canceled Frozen Jr March 28th, Frozen Sr. April 4th.

Online classes! This is actually something we have wanted to try for dancers who are sick or out of town etc. We will be live streaming and recording all classes starting March 23rd until we resume normal in studio operations. We will advise you on the online system later this week. With the systems that we have been researching and purchasing, you will be able to log in at your dancers regularly scheduled time, and they will be able to work technique, get corrections live from us, work on showcase pieces or choreography and more. You will also be able to go back and watch these things again and we will be able to send you links to information for your student to work on.

We understand this pandemic will have a financial burden on some families, so we are adding a 15% discount to every familys account on top of any discounts you may already be receiving. You will see this discount on your online account later this week when April tuition posts. Automatic Payments will still run on April 1st and will include this 15% discount. We are also extending the late payment deadline to April 15th by when we hope to be back in studio. It is really important to us that we continue to offer our staff their hourly wages while they are teaching the online classes and working at the desk. LBT is a source of income for 16 employees, we do not want them to be deprived of their income during a time when many other businesses are suspending work. We appreciate everyones support and understanding during this time and feel truly grateful to be part of such a wonderful dance family.

We will be offering free online classes for parents, yoga and stretching and conditioning. You all are probably pretty stressed too. Take advantage of these and take care of yourselves too. Watch your email inbox and Facebook for these class times.

We will be offering a very discounted rate on in person and virtual private lessons. If your dancer wants one on one time please contact us at info@lawtonballet.com

How to set up your room for online classes: We suggest clearing a 10’X10′ space inside or outside. If your dancer is participating in a ballet or pointe class, get a chair or counter top that is about chest height for your dancer to act as a barre. For tap if you have a piece of plywood that you can put down that works really well in a pinch. Do not tap on tile! Thats a great way to fall. When all else fails just use tennis shoes and do soft shoe.

Showcases, Concert, Musical, Competition and Recital updates – As of right now our Musical theatre showcase, Choreography concert, Into the Woods musical, Dance competition, and Frozen recital are all on track to take place on the days and times we scheduled. Our venues have assured us that they believe they will be able to host us, and we sincerely hope that with as far out as these events are, that we will have resumed normal activities long before they come. Most of the lead costumes for Frozen have begun arriving and the classes just had a huge shipment come in today. They are gorgeous and we can not wait to give them out!

Dates as of now:
Competition ( applies to company dancers only) April 25-26th
Choreography Concert – May 1st 7pm
Musical theatre Showcase – May 2nd 2pm
Into the Woods – May 8th 7pm
Frozen Jr – May 15th at 6:30pm May 16th at 2pm
Frozen Sr – May 16th at 7pm and May 17th at 2pm

Lastly we would like to say how beneficial it will be for your child to continue to have the sense of normalcy, community and connection by continuing to dance. We could certainly just take that time off as most of our choreography and rehearsing is about 2 weeks ahead of schedule, but we know that to them, everything probably feels very uncertain being at home such a long time. That?s why we are providing these online classes.

We hope you?ll take advantage of them and stand by us during this time!


Katie & Scott Veenhuizen

“To dance is to be out of yourself. Larger, more beautiful, more powerful. This is power, it is glory on earth and it is yours for the taking”
Agnes De Mille

Participating and training in the performing arts is a wonderful way to build self-esteem, creativity, discipline, and team work skills. We will work to build up our students in all of these areas while creating lasting relationships and friendships. Our goal is to create not only skilled performers, but the next generation of artists. Everyone has the right to create art.

Lawton Ballet Theatre is proud to include the AMERICAN BALLET THEATRE® National Training Curriculum, a breakthrough 8 level program that combines high quality artistic training with the basics of dancer health and child development. The ABT® National Training Curriculum consists of a comprehensive set of age-appropriate, outcome-based guidelines to provide the highest quality ballet training to dance students of all ages and skill levels.

Pointe technique is the part of classical ballet technique that concerns pointe work, in which a ballet dancer supports all body weight on the tips of fully extended feet within pointe shoes. … Pointe technique resulted from a desire for female dancers to appear weightless and sylph-like. In our program you myst be atleast 10 years old and gave a teacher’s approval to start pointe.

Tap is a dance performed wearing shoes fitted with metal taps, characterized by rhythmical tapping of the toes and heels. Our program teaches classic and musical theatre style tap as well as commercial tap.

Jazz dance is an umbrella term that can refer to several related dance styles. All of them are connected via common roots, namely tap, ballet, jazz music, and African-American rhythms and dance. History. Jazz dance originated from the African American vernacular dance of the late 1800s to the mid-1900s. In our program we teach musical theatre jazz, commercial jazz, and African jazz.

Modern is a free, expressive style of dancing started in the early 20th century as a reaction to classical ballet. In recent years it has included elements not usually associated with dance, such as speech and film. Our program focuses on Horton and Graham technique.

Lyrical dance has been defined as a dance style that embodies various aspects of ballet, jazz, acrobatics, modern, and hip hop, while still maintaining its autonomy. It has been strongly associated with clearly displayed emotional moods, fast-moving choreographic strategies, emphasis on virtuosic display, illustration of song lyrics, and, in group form, exact unison. The style is usually danced at a faster pace than ballet but not as fast as jazz.

We believe a good performer is a well rounded performer. Our program includes classes such as Acting that focus on acting methods and theories; Musical Theatre with singing dancing and acting; Stage combat, that teaches safe ways to choreograph stage fighting; Stage makeup, that teaches basic stage and special effect makeup; and Technical theatre, that teaches simple to complex sound and lighting techniques used in theaters across the country. Students have the opportunity to perform in two musicals presented by LBT every season.

There are many opportunities to perform at Lawton Ballet Theatre. There are two Musical performed every season by the Theatre students. One Christmas Musical in December and a Musical chosen by the staff performed in the Spring. Ballet students have the opportunity to perform in The Nutcracker presented every December and the Spring Recital every May. All dance class students have the opportunity to perform in the Spring Recital. LBT Company Dancers perform in two competitions plus many community events. Choreography and Technical Theatre students will create a showcase during their classes and present their work in the studio auditorium in the spring. No matter what class you take, there is always performance opportunity at LBT.

Hip-hop dance refers to street dance styles primarily performed to hip-hop music or that have evolved as part of hip-hop culture. It includes a wide range of styles primarily breaking which was created in the 1970s and made popular by dance crews in the United States.

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“This place is pretty much my first home. I have been dancing here for a while. ABT instructor, Katie, is very encouraging and energetic as well. If you are considering dancing here, I would sign up right away! I love all of the teachers and the people. I’ve learned things that I never knew were things here. Most of our teachers are about ready to go to college and leave the studio but we’ve got another batch of them ready to teach us. Thank you for spending your time reading this and I hope you join us!”
Naima Ellis Google Reviews

“I absolutely love Lawton Ballet Theatre. The family dynamic you have there is a one of a kind experience. Teachers are very knowledgeable in their specific fields. With ABT certified Katie Veenhuizen as an instructor, she pushes her students to be their absolute best, and expects no less from her instructors.”

Nicole Lloyd Google Reviews

“We love LBT! It has a wonderful atmosphere with great teachers. My children have learned confidence and teamwork along with dance. It has classes for all ages and convenient class times!”

Paula Ruple Google Reviews

“LBT is an amazing studio for all 3 of our daughters. They offer age appropriate dance lessons with modifications for each dancer to learn at their own pace within the group setting. Our daughters enjoy every minute of it because they are pushed to do their best with encouraging yet constructive tips. LBT has become a big part of our lives and we all love them for the time they put into the arts. Recitals are put together in such a creative way with many hands contributing to the show.”

Tanya Ellis Google Reviews


Year round enrollment means you never miss a chance to dance. And, with multiple classes offered throughout the week, there is a class to work with your schedule. In addition to ballet, we offer Jazz, Tap, Hip Hop, Acro and more!

Classes starting at $60/month

2019-2020 Season starts August 5th

Ask us about Military and Educator discounts!

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Katie Barnett Veenhuizen

Artistic Director

Katie has been performing since age 4. During 14 years of training at her hometown studio, she danced almost all of the corps roles in The Nutcracker, and the lead roles of Coffee from Arabia, The Columbine Doll, and the Dew Drop Fairy. This instilled a life long passion for The Nutcracker Ballet, something she is very excited to bring to Lawton.Katie is an ABT® Affiliate Teacher, who has successfully completed the ABT® Teacher Training Intensive in Primary through Level 3; of the ABT® National TrainingCurriculum and has successfully presented students for examinations.
Katie has her BFA in Dance, with a concentration in modern and a BFA in Theatre, with a Musical Theatre emphasis from Valdosta State University. There she performed in the ballet Sleeping Beauty as The White Cat as well as various other theatrical productions.
After completing her degree she went on to work professionally with many theatres and theme parks around Florida, including performing with Universal Studios. After moving to Lawton, she took a position teaching with Oklahoma City Ballet. While working there, created the curriculum for and taught Chance to Dance, a dance class designed specifically for children with Down Syndrome. She hopes to bring the philosophy “Everyone can create art” to Lawton Ballet Theatre by offering classes for differently abled students.

Scott Veenhuizen

Managing Director

Scott has worked in the entertainment industry for 12 years managing stages, technical departments, and designs. Scott has a Bachelor of Science in Entertainment business focusing on business management and law. Recently, Scott has worked in Orlando supervising the technical department at a theme park, work as the Production Director at Lawton First Assembly and currently is the Audio/Visual Lead Technician at Apache Casino Hotel




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