Studio Policies

Closed class policy:

ALL classes at LBT are closed, meaning that parents and friends are not allowed to sit in. This is to insure that your dancer is focused only on the teacher, getting the very most out of each lesson, and keeps distractions to a minimum. If your student has a hard time being away from you, they may not be ready to take classes. We have two invited classes each year, one in the fall and one in the spring where parents, grandparents, and friends are all invited to watch class. Be on the lookout for the dates this year!

Discontinuing lessons/dropping a class:

Should you want to cancel your child’s lessons you must do so by the 15th of the month prior to when you wish your last class to be, or you will be responsible for the next month. Example: if you wish to end lessons by Oct 1st, we must get notice by Sept 15th, this can be done by email.

Tuition due date:

Tuition is due on the 1st of each month and late after the the 5th. After the 5th of the month a $10 late fee will be added to your next invoice. After the 10th of the month the late fee increases to $15. We must receive payment by the 20th or we cannot allow dancers to take class.

Weather Cancellation:

If we deem the weather too severe to have classes we will email/post to the website, Facebook and send out a text. We encourage you to sign up for texting in our Parent Portal as it is by far the quickest way to get updates. We will make a call no later than 2 hrs before opening. If we have not posted it means there is class.


See our Calendar for holiday closings. Holiday closings do not have an on that months tuition. Tuition is the same every month as it is averaged over the year. Example: During Christmas your student may have 3 lessons instead of 4. Tuition will be the same as they will have months with 5 lessons instead of 4.

Dress code:

It is important that your dancers wears the proper attire to class with hair pulled back out of their face. Class specific guidelines can be found here.

Discipline policy:

If a student is disrespectful to teachers, other students or breaks the rules in class they are given 3 warnings and then asked to sit out of class usually against the wall. Students will be invited back to dance when they can collect themselves and are ready to participate again.

Performance policy:

You will be given a packet outlining our policies for each specific performance including how many absences from class are allowed, the time commitment involved in each show and your entire rehearsal period. We do ask that you carefully read the packet before signing and returning the permission slip. Some polices that are the same regardless of the performance:
Dress rehearsal is mandatory, anyone missing dress excepting illness or an emergency will not be allowed to perform. We ask that you not sign up to be in our productions if you must miss one of the shows (we do two showings of each production) as it interferes with spacing and affects other dancers placement and focus when someone is missing.