Anastasia Jr Cast

Anastasia Jr show 

Each role has listed what kind of role it is, soloist, group dance, duet, featured dancer etc. Also if an A or B is listed next to the character that is the cast you dancer is in. Cast A’s show is May 10th at 5pm and Cast B’s show is May 11th at 2pm if there is not a letter by the name they are BOTH casts. The schedule for these characters will be emailed out by this Wednesday January 23rd. You will need to email your choreographer by January 25th to accept or decline your role, lead costumes usually cost around $60 to rent or buy. Your email with the schedule will have the choreographer for each piece listed! 


Sadie Arnold (A), Kayla Timmons (B)- soloist, duet and many featured parts

Young Anastasia:

Helena Nioce (A), Eva Hitchcock (B) – duet w/ Grand Duchess

Young Dimitri:

Braden Keller-featured dancer


Connor Coffman- trio, featured dancer


Sidd Yeagley- solo, featured dancer

*Alexei Romanov:

Drew Williams-featured dancer


Ivan Bracher- soloist , duet and many featured parts


Anabeth Myers (A) and Alizabeth Lloyd (B)- duet w Anastasia


Naima Ellis (A), Madison Francois (B)- featured dancer 


KayMarie Crouse (A), Evelyn Osterman (B)-soloist

Swan lake:

Mia Flores, Julie Martin, Jaelynn Brock, Sara Durbin- quartet


Eva Ellis (A), Kinley Baggs-Fletcher ( B)

*Czarina Alexandra

Cecelia Nioce ( A) Catherine Young (B)-featured dancer

*Czar Nicholas

JJ Herrera- featured dancer

*Olga Romanov

Mira Nioce (A), Emily Casterline (B)- featured dancer

*Tatiana Romanov

Carson, Coffman (A), Autumn Ray(B)-featured dancer

*Maria Romanov

Lillian Murrow (A), Phoenix Hitchcock (B)-featured dancer

* Train Conductor

Mariella Smith (A) Makaliegh Gray (B)- featured

Grand Duchess

Nadia Crouse- featured

* These characters were added after auditions and were originally only in the Sr show. We are excited to expand the junior show and add these!!*