Choreography Concert 2023 Cast

Congratulations to our cast! We will have a rehearsal schedule out by Tuesday and we hope to start this Saturday! Please email to accept your role by Wednesday February 15th.

Choreography Concert Cast “A Dancer’s Perspective” 

Lily Wyatt- Choreographer 

“1000 years”- Aubriana Coker and Lillian Hill 

“Rise up”- Peyton Young, Cierra Walls , Aubriana Coker, Lillian Hill 

“Clair de lune”- Brooke Miller

“Girls just wanna have fun!” Riley Ervin, Kacee Ireland, Addalee Claunch, Londyn Simpson, Isabelle Feller, Rayahnna Gee

Maisie Perez- Choreographer

“State scene”- 

Abby Ingleby and Cierra Walls “California girls”

Eva Ellis and Brooke Miller “Coin girls”

“Solider,poet,king”- Brooke Miller, Eva Ellis and Abby Ingleby

“Hey brother”- Aubriana Coker

Rebecca Laslie- Choreographer

“Singin in the Rain” – Abby Ingleby

“Viva la Vida:- Abby Ingleby ,Cierra Walls, Brooke Miller, Peyton Young ,Eva Ellis

“Untitled Scene”- 

solo- Riley Ervin 

solo-Cierra Walls

“Atlantis”-Peyton Young, Eva Ellis, Rayahnna Gee

Trale Harris- Choreographer 

“Masquerade”- Cierra Walls and Peyton Young

“Raindrops”-Abby Ingleby and Riley Ervin

“Snow Waltz”- Eva Ellis, Peyton Young ,Lillian Hill