Choreography Showcase Cast List 2022

Congratulations to the cast of our 3rd annual Choreography concert! A rehearsal schedule will be sent out by this Wednesday evening. Rehearsals will be Saturday mornings and will work around PATF rehearsals. Our concert is scheduled for May 14th as of now and we will be at LBT’s gym space. More details will be included in the rehearsal schedule. 

Madeline Walls- Choreographer 

Fruit Hat:

Kaytlyn Sparks , Brynn Ruple, Emily Borden 


Alaya Price, Madison Francois, Je’Niyah Adams, Ashlynn Bracher

This is the end:

Amaya Price

Alanna Walls- Choreographer

Teen Spirit:

Kaytlyn Sparks , Brynn Ruple, Emily Borden


Mia Flores, Alaya Price, Ashlynn Bracher

The show must go on:

Emily Borden

Abby Ingleby-Choreographer


Amaya Price, Catherine Young, Emily Borden

She used to be mine:

Emily Borden


Amaya Price, Alaya Price

Rebecca Laslie-Choregrapher 

Once upon a dream:

Mia Flores, Naima Ellis, Amaya Price

Before you go:

Mia Flores

Maisie Perez- Choreographer

Moonlight Sonata:

Mira Nioce, Catherine Young, Naima Ellis


Mia Flores

My Immortal:

Ashlynn Bracher, Madison Francois

Cierra Walls- Choreographer


Ashlynn Bracher, Eva Ellis, Madison Francois

You’ve got a friend:

Aubriana Coker, Rayahnna Gee

In the name of love:

Aubriana Coker

Lauren Lee- Choreographer

Diet Mt Dew:

Mia Flores, Amaya Price, Mira Nioce

No wind resistance:

Catherine Young


Kaytlyn Sparks, Madison Francois, Naima Ellis

Elli Kate Meyers-Choreographer


Aubrianna Coker, Maci Tomahsah, Rayahnna Gee, Eva Ellis


Mira Nioce, Catherine Young, Brynn Ruple

This is hard:

Je’Niyah Adams

Ella Croft -Choreographer

My strange addiction:

Carli Merril, Maci Tomahsah, Je’Niyah Adams

Broadway Blondes:

Kaytlyn Sparks, Madison Francois

Sign of the times:

Aubriana Coker

Jessy Hubbard- Choreographer

Hey Micky:

Carli Merril, Je’Niyah Adams, Eva Ellis, Aubriana Coker

Sparkling Diamond:

Mira Nioce, Kaytlyn Sparks, Brynn Ruple


Naima Ellis

Peyton Young- Choreographer 

Talking to the moon: 

Mira Nioce, Catherine Young


Brynn Ruple