Princess & The Frog Sr Cast List

Congratulations to our cast! You must email to accept your role by Feb 4th. A rehearsal schedule will then be created and emailed out to your email address on file taking into consideration any conflicts you listed on your audition form. If there are any new conflicts please email them ASAP. We hope to have our rehearsal schedule out by Monday Feb 7th. We look forward to getting started! 

Cast A June 4th @7pm

Cast B June 5th @2pm


Delesia Graham 

Angel Climes 


Francis Waweru

Francis Waweru


Emily Borden 

Lauren Lee


Amaya Price

Madeline Walls 


Kaytlyn Sparks 

Alanna Walls 


Brooke Miller 

Ella Croft 

Mama Odie 

Oriya Stevenson Gonzalez

Kaitlyn Jones 


Cecilia Nioce 
Jessy Hubbard 


Brynn Ruple 

Ellaina Greene 

Young  Tiana 

Dayana Graham 

Summer Graham

Young Charlotte 

Cora Coleman 

Riley Ervin 


Nathan Timpson 

Nathan Timpson 

Lead Shadow 

Abby Gish 

Alexus Smith 

Big Daddy 

Byron Phillips 

Byron Phillips 


Taylor Quoetone 

Kaitlyn Lee 

Tiana’s friends 

Mira Nioce, Lauren Muller

Faith Phipps, Catherine Young 


Reagan Smith 

Addalee Claunch 

Masquerade Quartet 

Isabella Lisa, Lillian Murrow, Kinley Baggs,Elli Kate Myers

Jadyn Herbert, Ava Baringhaus, Madison Francois, Autumn Ray

Flapper group 

Maci Tohmasah, Carli Merril, Eva Ellis, Madyson Smith, Jessie Poolaw, Emma Austin 

Gayle Aguliar Jimenez, Shianne Poolaw, MacKenzie Milich, Ashlynn Bracher, Rori Brandenburg, Kambryen Maldonado  

Frog Catchers 

Alaya Price,Lily Wyatt, Emily Casterline 

Sara Durbin, Caitlyn Beck, Mia Flores