Robin Hood Sr Cast

Congratulations to our Robin Hood Sr Cast! We’ve added a description of what each role will be doing, but as our show takes shape everything is subject to change. If it mentions that you are a featured dancer, that means you may appear in a dance with a class or multiple classes. As choreography begins in class that gets more clear and we’ll let you know if we need you to drop into a class to learn anything.

Please email with your acceptance or to decline your role and any Saturday conflicts you have between Feb 6th and May 15th by January 30th at 8pm.

We’ll have our official show dates announced this week so keep an eye out for those.

Robin Hood Sr Cast A Cast B
Robin Hood Ivan Bracher Ivan Bracher Featured dancer, duet
Maid Marian Camryn Grabeal Madeline Walls Featured Dancer, duet, solo
Duke of Nottingham Samantha Shady Delesia Graham Featured Dancer, duet, trio, solo
Mortianna Aubree Lloyd Emily Borden Featured Dancer, duet, trio, solo
Maid Gwendolyn Ellaina Greene Alanna Walls Featured dancer, duet
Maid Rosalind Brynn Ruple Amaya Price Featured dancer, duet
Little John CJ Dailey CJ Dailey Featured dancer, duet
Friar Tuck Catherine Young Jessy Hubbard Featured dancer, solo
Nurse Trenity Jung Cecelia Nioce Featured dancer, solo
Prince John Emmalee Hamilton Naima Ellis Featured dancer, solo
Royal Butlers Lily Wyatt, Paige Williams, Emma Austin, Sara Durbin Lauren Lee, Kaitlyn Lee, Azlyn Tuzson,Alaya Price Featured Dancers
Will Scarlet Francis Waweru Francis Waweru Featured dancer, duet
Esmeradla Faith Phipps Mira Nioce Solo
Pirate Captain KayMarie Crouse Rebecca Laslie Featured dancer
Fire Dancer Kenda Harris Riley Taimano-Cruz Featured dancer
Quartet Madison Francois, Maisie Perez, Emily Casterline, Jaysa Bowlin Taylor Quoetone, Kaitlyn Jones, Ava Baringhaus, Lauren Muller Quartet
Court Jester Julie Martin Autumn Ray Featured dancer, solo
Sharp shooter Abby Gish Jadyn Herbert Featured dancer, solo