The Music Man Jr Cast List

Congratulations! Please email either Reagan Williams or Valeria Barrientos  to accept your role by Thursday Sept 23rd. We are currently working on a full rehearsal schedule but we plan to start this Saturday from 2:30-5:30pm. Here are some other important things to know.

* Rehearsals will be on Wed afternoons, Friday evenings and Saturday afternoons. If you have any conflicts ( not available at all or a very tight availability window) on any Wed, Friday or Saturday from now until Nov 17th please email Reagan and let her know.
* Our shows will be Nov 19th at 7pm and we will have a matinee on the 20th at MacMahon Auditorium. The matinee time is TBA right now because it is also the day of the Holiday parade. In the past we have done a show for public school children on Friday we perform at around 10 or 11am typically for that. Many schools are interested in us doing this again! It would mean ( if we do this extra performance) you would have to leave school for a few hrs to perform. We can get excuse letters for your student for this school time missed. Please also let us know if you are ok to do a school performance in your acceptance.
*As you’ll see we have a few roles that were originally boys but will now be girls.This happens all the time in theatre and it didn’t change any of our story for them to be played this way. We also have a few understudy roles, so please take note if you are also an understudy!
We are SO excited for this cast and this show!!



Harold Hill

Duncan Mclean

Marian Paroo

Emmalee Hamilton

Mayor Shinn

Nathan Timpson (Oliver U/S)

Marcellus Washburn

Kelman Greene

Jacey Squires

Ethan Loehr

Ewart Dunlop

Nathan Hunsley

Oliver Hix

David Gregg (Tommy U/S)

Olin Britt

Emeri Golden

Eulalie Mackecknie Shinn

Naima Ellis

Alma Hix

Ella Croft (Zaneeta U/S)

Ethel Tofflemier

Neah Tavai

Maud Dunlop

Jasmine Glenn

Mrs. Squires

Amara Lichak

Winthrop Paroo

Caleb Greene


Teagan Schmidt

Gracie Shinn

Peyton Young

Zaneeta Shinn

Abby Masters (Marian U/S)

Tommy Djilas

Ivan Bracher (Harold U/S)

Mrs. Paroo

Rayne Fleming

Charlie Cowell

Anistyn Abshere


Shawny Pettigrew

Pick-a-little Ladies:

Maisie Perez

Ashlynn Bracher (Alma U/S)

Ava Baringhaus

Wan Tan Ye girls/Band members:

Emma Austin

Norah Dudley

Samantha Carter (Amaryllis U/S)

Haven Taylor (Gracie U/S)