American Ballet Theatre Exam class 2019

Congrats ABT class of 2019, we are very excited to start this journey into a greater understanding of ABT technique. In April we’ll begin meeting on a few select weekends, and in the next 2 weeks we’ll email you with the full schedule we provided at auditions, FAQs about exams, and just general info you’ll need moving forward!

Purple class- ABT Primary A

Alizabeth Lloyd

Emily Shirkey

Fiona McCale

Anabeth Myers

Silver class- ABT Level 1 A

Elli Kate Myers

Isabella Lisa

KayMarie Crouse

Delilah Lyday

Lillian-Dove Meyers

Gold class- ABT Level 2 A

Brynn Ruple

Ellaina Greene

Angel Climes

Amaya Price

Naima Ellis

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