Choreography showcase cast

Congratulations! This is the Cast of The Choreography showcase. There are trios, 1 quartet,duets and solos here. We will begin rehearsal in Late January/early February on Saturdays and we will have a schedule out with in 2 weeks. 

Enemy fire”– Alizabeth Lloyd and Madison Smith

Talk”-Brynn Ruple and KayMarie Crouse

Medicine”-Jadyn Herbert, Naima Ellis, Brynn Ruple

Choreographer: Chloe Patterson

“Sisters”-Ana Beth Myers and Brynn Ruple

“Tortoise and the Hare”-Alizabeth Lloyd ad Madison Smith

“Bullying”-Mira Nioce, Cecilia Nioce, Naima Ellis

Choreographer: Lauren Muller

“When you believe”– AnaBeth Myers,Mira Nioce, Elli Kate Myers

“Guns and ships”– Jadyn Herbert, Catherine Young, Mira Nioce, Cecilia Nioce

“Fix my eyes”– Alizabeth Lloyd, Madison Smith, Adelyn Kelly

Choreographer- Rebecca Laslie

“Together”– Brynn Ruple, Mira Nioce, Naima Ellis

“I will rise”– KayMarie Crouse

“Goodbye”– Elizabeth Lloyd, Adelyn Kelly

Choreographer: Abby Gish 

“Shot gun”– Jadyn Herbert, Catherine Young, Cecilia Nioce 

“Mother and daughter”: AnaBeth Myers and Jadyn Herbert

“Let it go”– Elli Kate Myers

Choreographer: Eva Ellis

“Image”– AnaBeth Myers and KayMarie Crouse

“Empowerment”– Catherine Young

“Outside the box”-Naima Ellis, Mira Nioce, Brynn Ruple

Choreographer: Delesia Graham 

“Beautiful You”– Cecilia Nioce, Naima Ellis, Elli Kate Myers

“Spring”-Adelyn Kelly, KayMarie Crouse, AnaBeth Myers

“Friends”– Alizabeth Lloyd, Madison Smith, Adelyn Kelly

Choreographer: Ellaina Greene

“If you can see me now”– Jadyn Herbert, Catherine Young, Elli Kate Myers

“Circus”– KayMarie Crouse, Catherine Young, Elli Kate Myers

“Tirnanog”-Madison Smith, Adelyn Kelly, Naima Ellis.

Choreographer: Aubree Lloyd