Frozen Sr Cast List

Please email to accept or decline your role by January 31st. After this date we will contact the next dancer to recast. Rehearsal schedules will be emailed out by Feb 5th. We will be creating these with the conflicts you listed on your audition form in mind. Please remember that lead role costume fees are $65 per dancer, theses are due on Feb 21st along with the costume fees for their classes.


Role Cast A May 16th 7pm Cast B May 17th 2pm
Young Anna Chloe Carroll Riley Ervin
Young Elsa Kami Cabelka Kenzie Cabelka
Preteen Anna Sheridan Wise Jaysa Bowlin
Preteen Elsa Camila Silva Emily Casterline
Adult Anna Katelyn Woods Cosette Alsbrook
Adult Elsa Chloe Patterson Samantha Shady
Kristoff Ian McEntire Ian McEntire
Hans CJ Dailey CJ Dailey
Honeymaren Taylor Quoetone Faith Phipps
Bruni KayMarie Crouse Daylia Williams
Lead spirit Abby Gish Isabella Lisa
Elements dance






Jadyn Herbert (fire)

Autumn Ray (wind)

Priya Kelln (water)

Cecilia Nioce (earth)

Paige Williams (ice)

Kenda Harris (fire)

Amaya Price (wind)

Aubree Lloyd (water)

Kaitlyn Lee (earth)

Naima Ellis (ice)

Young queen Iduna and king Agnarr    Lillian Murrow, Connor Coffman    Carli Merril, Connor Coffman. 
Queen Iduna Becca Wyatt Becca Wyatt
The Nokk Camryn Graybeal Julie Martin
Olaf Emmalee Hamilton Delesia Graham
Sven Emily Borden Brynn Ruple
Oaken Dayden Merrideth Dayden Merrideth
King of the Trolls Alli Kate Anderson Madison Francois
Duke of Weselton Lauren Muller Mia Flores