ABT® Affiliate Exam Class Cast

Congratulations Dancer’s! We are so excited to begin practices for the ABT® Affiliate exam. We will have the details on how to purchase your uniform at the first practice as well as other helpful information, below the list of names we have the list of dates we will rehearse. Your $35 exam fee is due at our first practice. Please email info@lawtonballet.com to accept your position in the exam class by Monday September 12th at 8pm. If you choose not to accept we will begin calling our alternate list. Please understand that if you accept this is a big commitment. Student’s must follow through with their commitment as the entire group is effected by a student not fulfilling their commitment. If you do not think your student can attend rehearsals, then please decline the position. Students are allowed 3 absences from rehearsals.


We plan to rehearse 2 Fridays a month but as the exam gets closer we will add a few more Fridays or call an extra Saturday. We received notice that our date has now been moved to March 25th for the exam. Please keep this date free for exam day.

Purple Class: Class time 4:30-5:30pm

Briley Clark

Kylee Puccino

Naima Ellis

Jayde Begin

Hailey Ball

Eva Ellis

KayMarie Crouse


Silver class: Class time 5:30-6:30pm

Ellaina Greene

Elyssa Brown

Tatum Brown

Danikah Harris

Julie Martin

Brynn Ruple

Connor Elser

Lyssa Harris

Jadyn Herbert

Amaya Price

Priya Kelln

Gold Class 6:30-7:45pm

Alexia Wark

Camilla Lim

Lilee Shreffler

Maggie Johnson

Catherine Johnson

Heather Martin

Katelyn Woods


Rehearsal dates:

Oct. 7th

Oct. 28th

Nov. 4th

Nov. 28th

Dec. 2nd

Dec. 9th

Jan. 13

Jan. 27th

Feb. 3

Feb. 10

Feb. 17

Feb. 24

March 3rd

March 10th

Exam date March 25th

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