Cinderella Cast List

Congratulations on being cast! Please look through the scheduled rehearsals for your dancer and send an email to with any conflicts and either accepting or turning down their role by Jan 25th, if your dancer does not accept their role, we will contact the alternate. When choosing to except or decline a role, consider your conflicts with rehearsals. Please note that lead costumes are $65 each. Cast A for our Senior show is May 12th, and Cast B is May 13th. Cinderella Jr is May 13th at 2pm.

Cinderella Junior Cast 


Brynn Ruple

Step sisters

Amelia Winters and Delilah Lyday

Dance master

Gwynn Elser


Lily Tillman


Kylee Puccino

Evil Stepmother

Naima Ellis

Fairy Godmother

Emily Casterline


KayMarie Crouse, Neveah Hendon, Danikah Harris, Madison Francois

Prince Charming

Daniel Lim


Bryleigh Ray

*Jack Jack

Eva Ellis

* Featured role Palace messenger

Janessa Blanco


Cinderella Senior show


Lilee Shreffler


Maggie Johnson (Cast A), Camilla Lim (Cast B)

Prince Charming

Tom Hudson

Fairy Godmother

Emma Erway


Emily Borden, Emily Castro, Aubree Lloyd, Jadyn Herbert


Maggie Johnson(Cast B)/Camilla Lim (Cast A) Heather Martin, Lilee Shreffler

Young Cinderella

Ellaina Greene (Cast A), Abby Gish (Cast B)

Ugly Stepsisters

Alex Gill , Connor Elser

Dance Master

Sarah Clair (Cast A), Lyssa Harris (Cast B)


Madison Stoll

Evil Stepmother

Macklayne Miles


Briley Clark

Time Solo

Catherine Johnson


Chloe Bates

Jack Jack

Kemper Franklin

*Featured role Palace messenger

Amaya Price

*These roles have been added to our cast list after scheduling our rehearsals. The  Jr Fairies will practice whenever the schedule says Fairies have practice, Gus Gus and Jack for jr show will rehearse in class, and have one or two more scheduled practices with their teacher which are TBA, and the palace messenger practices will be added to our schedule once dancers have accepted their role and we talk about what dates will work.